Sundance with Comanche Eagles & Mongolian Eagle Huntress

The annual Sundance Film Festival is almost here, and for the festival this year I’m excited to be a part of bringing together a meeting of 2 cultures, linked together by the majestic Golden Eagle.

832318-869a635a-c5bc-11e3-b68a-f6104b7c1796The Eagle Huntress purchase myambutol toxicity , a documentary film about a teenage Mongolian eagle hunter will be premiering at the festival.

To provide a Native North American cultural connection, the founders of Sia, the Comanche Nation’s Ethno-ornithological Initiative will be bringing some of their live eagles for the events surrounding the film.

If you’re not attending the festival, you’ll still be able to learn about Sia and see their eagles. On January 21st at 7pm at Westminster College, they will do a free presentation for the public.


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Sia is the Comanche word for feather.
Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn first hand about Sia’s conservation work with over 20 species of eagles, their work cataloging and distributing feathers to other indigenous tribes for cultural and spiritual use, and the deep connection the Comanche share with eagles and nature.